Counterpoints is the multi-disciplinary postgraduate conference of Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.

The idea to hold the initial Counterpoints conference, in 2001, came from a small number of postgraduates who believed that it would be beneficial to meet and exchange research ideas in an atmosphere of support and friendship.

The response for the initial conference was overwhelming with a total of 32 papers given from a wide cross section of departments in the Social Sciences and Education, Humanities, Law and Theology Faculties.

The networking during the conference has since become invaluable for many students and most have expressed their interest in being involved again this year.

The success of the conference is evident in the diverse range of papers represented in our first publication and the continued interest in the conference.

This conference could not have been established without the generosity of the many departments who supported the postgraduates of Flinders University with financial or in-kind contributions. In particular, Counterpoints thanks:

The Vice Chancellorís Office
Post-Graduate Student Association
Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law and Theology
Faculty of Social Sciences