Guidelines for Authors

Counterpoints publishes Conference Proceedings in both print and electronic formats. To assist the publication process, please adhere to the following instructions.


Times New Roman, 12 point.


Please use no more than three levels of headings.

Heading 1: 14 point Bold.
Heading 2: 12 point Bold.
Heading 3: 12 point Bold Italics.


3 cm all round.


In recognition of the multi-disciplinary nature of the Counterpoints Conference, any referencing style is fine. It is important, however, to be consistent throughout your paper.


Indent quotes of 4 or more lines of text.

Some Comments about Formatting

Counterpoints is not responsible for formatting your work. How you format you work has implications for the production of both the print and electronic versions of the Counterpoints publications. Our aim is consistency.

Documents submitted for publication may include tables. It is important that you utilise the table functions within your word-processing software rather than attempting to format your data using the TAB key.

Please contact Counterpoints if you have any questions about formatting your work.

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