This publication contains a selection of papers presented at the 2001 Counterpoints conference held at Flinders University. Numbering thirteen in total, the papers range from avoiding the Post-graduate Abyss through English expression and flamenco dance to environmental and legal issues.

This is registered work which is of benefit to those who made their papers available for publication and has been funded from monies raised from the 2001 Conference.

Counterpoints: The Flinders University Online Journal of Interdisciplinary Conference Papers 2001, Vol 1 No 1


A very worthwhile conference overall.

I look forward to next year's offerings to see how far we have all progressed.

We must have more.
I. D-I.

Congratulations, it has been very valuable in terms of learning about presentation techniques.

Fabulous, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. An excellent idea and I've made some useful cross-disciplinary connections.