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From the Executive Dean's Desk

October has been a very busy month with lots of activity on many fronts across the Faculty and the University.

First and foremost I want to extend my thanks and congratulations to all staff and in particular academic staff for their significant and ongoing contribution to the Faculty's C2R2 process.  I was pleased to be able to provide a very favourable report to Professor Andrew Parkin, DVC( A) on our progress to date.

In that report, I confirmed that all School approaches to renewal have incorporated consideration of graduate qualities, internationalisation, indigenisation, and WIL. It is evident to me from the reports I have received from the Dean and academic project coordinator for each School that significant work has been done to develop course models appropriate to discipline and  interdisciplinary areas and due attention is being given to creating courses that will meet our students needs and those of the University into the future.  It is also evident that there has been detailed collaboration with other teaching areas outside of the Faculty, including Science, Social Science and the BA. All Schools appear well placed to provide completed topic proposals in November.

On another front, I am pleased to advise that the Vice-Chancellor has approved support in 2010-12 for the 2 ASRIs in the Faculty. I want to thank Mike Lawson, Polly Holmes, Robert Phiddian and Rebecca Vaughan, in particular, and all of you for making this possible. Funding for the ASRIs will be received in the near future.

As many of you would be aware there are a number of staffing changes either imminent or pending across the University.  I am looking forward to the arrival of Professor Phyllis Tharenou as Executive Dean in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The University is proceeding to fill the positions of two new Deans in the Faculty and a new Dean in the School of the Environment in Science and Engineering.

Within our own Faculty, a number of staff have indicated that they are leaving us at the end of the year. I wish them all well but would particularly like to thank two who have been part of the Faculty Executive group and good corporate citizens at various times. They are Associate Professor Chris Symes and Professor Mark Israel who are moving to different but not necessarily greener pastures.

October has also seen the release of the University's strategic plan 2010-2014 - which is a blueprint and framework for future planning. We will be putting together an operational plan based on the strategic plan, which will drive decisions about budgets and priorities for 2010. 2010 will be a tight year for EHLT, particularly as our research performance has declined. We will be looking at ways to support researchers in gaining competitive grants.

The Faculty's submission to the ICT Review will be available on the Faculty website - if anyone else has put in a submission I would appreciate knowing about it as we will have an opportunity as a Faculty to meet with the Review committee.