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Alice Mills Ballarat Uni

Harry Potter and the Terrors of the Toilet

Anna Beth McCormack Deakin Harry Potter: the new Prozac
Anton Kozlovic Flinders

Some Hogwash about Hogwarts: A Religion Studies Perspective on the Harry Potter Phenomenon

Bec Pannell Flinders Magic, miracles and muggles: JK Rowling ("antichrist") versus CS Lewis ("Christian")
Chad Habel Flinders The Hogwarts Adventure: A Genre Study
Di Smith Flinders Harry Potter and the Gastronomy of Hogwarts
Heavenly Littleton Georgia State University , US

The Re-categorizing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Moving Harry to the Top of theHorror Blockbusters

Jacqueline Howard St Mary's College, Adelaide J.K.Rowling's Gothic turn: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Jilaine Johnson Christchurch College, NZ To Quidditch or not to Quidditch?: challenging undergraduate student teachers to look below
Jo Coward UniSA

Kiddult and Harry Potter

Karen Vered Flinders

Lego, Lunchboxes, and Lollies - How to Consume Harry Potter

Kate Deller-Evans Flinders The Satisfactions of Harry Potter
& Peter Adams Unley High School


Kerrie Le Lievre Adelaide

"Neither can live while the other survives?" Integrating fantasy genres in the Harry Potter series

Lindley Walter Smith   High Spirits and Fair Play: Hogwarts and the English School Story
Natasha Giardina James Cook

Harry's hierarchies: Ideology and power relations in the Harry Potter series

Robert Muller Flinders State governance and Harry Potter
Robert Phiddian Flinders Rowling, Austen and Irony
Sally Nimon UniSA

Scared Potter? The Sounds of Power in Harry Potter

Sarah Mayor Cox La Trobe What Sort of Story is Harry Potter?: In Search of Loyal Translations, Retellings and Revisions
Wilhelmina Hotchkiss CA State Uni, USA

Seeing past the mundane: a pedagogical approach to stylistic arguments in Harry Potter criticism









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