Why write for IEJ

Dear Authors,

The Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society (ANZCIES) is now the new authorising agency that sponsors and produces, the re-named: 
International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives (IEJ)

Please visit the new site for author information at: http://www.iejcomparative.org/

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Dix
IEJ Past Online Editor

If you are researching or teaching in education, our aim is to be the first choice as a publisher for you. We publish articles from teachers, administrators, professors, graduate students, policy-makers, and education specialists from governmental and non-governmental organisations. We encourage, in particular, new researchers and first-time authors to come to us. 

We believe that educational research should be applied to the education community, and that it must be accessible and communicate to educators and educational managers. Education is interpreted in a wide manner and includes human development, learning, school education, formal and informal education, tertiary and vocational education, industry training and lifelong learning. This means that we actively encourage applied research and qualitative discussion and analysis as well as quantitatively based papers. Furthermore, to stand by the quality of the research published in IEJ, articles are submitted to a peer-review process and are analysed for instances of plagiarism.

We all remember the first time we published, and that it can be intimidating sometimes. Accordingly, much of the information presented at IEJ is aimed at making the scholarly publishing process accessible to a wide audience, particularly with the latest addition of  frequently asked questions.

True to our name, we believe in the value of authors from a wide range of nationalities, cultures and contexts. Although we only currently publish in the English language we encourage contributions from around the world, particularly from the Asian countries. Just take a look at the origins of our papers and authors at where in the world. Furthermore, we do not discriminate against authors from non-English speaking backgrounds. On the contrary, we offer an Editorial Service to improve poorly written papers.

Foremost, we believe in our authors. We offer what we believe are pragmatic, realistic and forward-looking attitudes on copyright, and we provide support and up-to-date information on article progress, through our online tracking system.  Without authors, IEJ would not exist and the continued respect for this relationship is paramount to IEJ.


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