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Vocabulary acquisition strategies of Indonesian postgraduate students through reading

Nanang Bagus Subekti
School of Education, Flinders University 

Michael J. Lawson
School of Education, Flinders University


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Preparation of this paper was supported by the Cultural Inclusivity through Publishing Project and funded by a Flinders University Diversity Initiative Grant.


The ways that students learn new words when studying a foreign language is not well understood. Research in this field has commonly investigated the effectiveness of the application of certain vocabulary learning strategies. Relatively few of the studies have investigated the strategies that students use to learn new words. This paper reports the investigation of the vocabulary acquisition strategies of Indonesian postgraduate students' learning through reading. Several vocabulary learning strategies were identified and then located in a taxonomy. The results of the analysis provide empirical evidence of the contribution of the application of vocabulary learning strategies to acquire new words. Vocabulary acquisition, vocabulary learning strategies, reading


Subekti, N.B. and Lawson, M.J. (2007) Vocabulary acquisition strategies of Indonesian postgraduate students through reading. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 484-496.

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