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Teachers' perceptions of their professional learning activities 

Shirley M. Yates 
Flinders University, School of Education 


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Teacher renewal and improvements in teaching quality through teacher professional development (PD) have been high on the agenda of many countries for some time. Several principles of effective PD for teachers, based on a synthesis of research evidence, have been espoused by the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI, 1998). A survey based on these principles was developed and administered to 395 primary and secondary teachers at the conclusion of a variety of curriculum, topic or Information Communication Technology (ICT) based professional learning activities which ranged from seminars and workshops to longer courses. While teacher age, gender and school level were not significant, teachers' ratings indicated ICT activities and longer courses contributed significantly to their professional renewal. Teachers also perceived longer courses were more applicable to their work. These findings affirm the CERI principles of effective PD and endorse the need for long term activities that have specific focus. 

Teacher perceptions, teacher professional development, teacher renewal


Yates, S.M. (2007) Teachers' perceptions of their professional learning activities. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 213-221.

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