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Variation in learning styles in a group of Chinese English as a foreign language learners

Lihui Wang
School of Education, Flinders University 


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Preparation of this paper was supported by the Cultural Inclusivity through Publishing Project and funded by a Flinders University Diversity Initiative Grant.



In this study, the Felder learning styles inventory was administered to students who were non-English majors in a Chinese University. Descriptive statistics identified that participants do vary in their preference for particular learning styles with a great variety of learning style preferences distributed unevenly among the sample population. A large number of the participants showed mild preference to Global, Visual and Sensing learning styles. The present study extended Felder’s work to a group of Chinese English as a Foreign Language learners. Implications for English as a Foreign Language teachers in Chinese Universities are that it is important to be aware of varied needs of learners from different majors and to respond flexibly by employing a broad range of teaching techniques to better reach students of different learning preferences. 

Learner, learning style, dimension, preference, difference, Chinese English, foreign language learner


Wang, L. (2007) Variation in learning styles in a group of Chinese English as a foreign language learners. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 408-417.

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