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Students' pedagogical knowledge about teachers' use of questions

Tu Anh Thi Tran
School of Education, Flinders University 

Michael Lawson 
School of Education, Flinders University 


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Preparation of this paper was supported by the Cultural Inclusivity through Publishing Project and funded by a Flinders University Diversity Initiative Grant.



High quality pedagogical knowledge is crucial for students, especially for teacher-education students, because it can assist them in their current learning and in helping their own future students' learning. This study of teacher-education students used a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate three main research questions: (1) What pedagogical knowledge (SPK) do students have about teachers' use of questions? (2) How well-developed is this SPK? (3) Do students use this SPK in planning for teaching? The findings showed that students did have SPK about teachers' use of questions that involved a wide range of motivational, cognitive and metacognitive activities in teaching and learning. There was evidence that students did use their SPK in a simulated teaching situation. However, the extent of knowledge used depended on the situations students were involved in, on the types and the quality of the SPK, and on the availability of external probing. 

Student pedagogical knowledge; teachers' use of questions; teacher-education students; knowledge of teaching; knowledge of learning


Tran, T.A.T. and Lawson, M. (2007) Students' pedagogical knowledge about teachers' use of questions. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 418-432.

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