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Students' critical thinking skills in a Thai ICT schools pilot project 

Methinee Wongwanich Rumpagaporn 
University of Adelaide, School of Education 

I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan 
University of Adelaide, School of Education


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 This study is exploratory, examining to what extent the Thai ICT (information and communication technology) schools have classroom learning environments that are associated with certain teacher characteristics using questionnaires, interview surveys, and computer-based classroom observations in order to collect data from 13 Thai ICT model schools. The data analysis was carried out using statistical analysis techniques as well as using descriptive analysis. It is proposed that students can be assisted to learn critical thinking skills that have particular supportive learning environments. The significant findings offer opportunities to develop and support students' critical thinking skills through co-operation between students and their peers to achieve their student assignments among cooperative classroom learning environments with ICT. In particular, the findings of this study have major implications for teachers and school management where ICT schools are being established and incorporated in Thailand. 

Information & Communication Technology (ICT), critical thinking skills, ICT model schools, ICT-integration into teaching and learning process


 Rumpagaporn. M.W. and Darmawan, I.G.N. (2007) Students' critical thinking skills in a Thai ICT schools pilot project. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 125-132.

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