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Extending the multiple-goal perspective to tertiary classroom goal structures

Vennessa H. James 
School of Education, Flinders University, Australia 

Shirley M. Yates 
School of Education, Flinders University, Australia


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The multiple-goal perspective has recently been applied to teacher behaviours in primary school classrooms through experimental intervention (Linnenbrink, 2005) and objective observation (Sideridis, 2005). However, there is evidence suggesting that rather than centered only on teacher behaviour, classroom goal structures are a whole class feature (Urdan, 2004c). Despite intended or observed classroom goal structures, students' perceptions of the same classroom can vary (Wolters, 2004). Furthermore, students' pre-existing personal goal orientations may shape their perceptions of classroom goal structures (Lyke & Kelaher Young, 2006). An investigation with tertiary students in naturalistic learning contexts will extend achievement goal theory to a multiple-goal perspective of classroom goal structures. 

Achievement goal theory, multiple-goal perspective, classroom goal structures, tertiary students


James, V. and Yates, S.M. (2007) Extending the multiple-goal perspective to tertiary classroom goal structures. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 68-80.

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