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X-ray your data with Rasch

David D Curtis 
Australian Council for Educational Research 

Peter Boman 
School of Education, James Cook University 


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By using the Rasch model, much detailed diagnostic information is available to developers of survey and assessment instruments and to the researchers who use them. We outline an approach to the analysis of data obtained from the administration of survey instruments that can enable researchers to recognise and diagnose difficulties with those instruments and then to suggest remedial actions that can improve the measurement properties of the scales included in questionnaires. We illustrate the approach using examples drawn from recent research and demonstrate how the approach can be used to generate figures that make the results of Rasch analyses accessible to non-specialists. 

Rasch, partial credit model, reliability, threshold analysis, differential item function


  Curtis, D.D. and Boman, P. (2007) X-ray your data with Rasch. International Education Journal, 8 (2), 249-259.

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