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Establishing the need for cross-cultural and global issues research

Yali Zhao
College of Education, Georgia State University, United States

Lin Lin
College of Education, State University of New York at Cortland, United States

John D. Hoge
College of Education, University of Georgia, United States

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More than any previous generation, today's students need to develop a global perspective and be knowledgeable about other nations in order to play a better role on the global stage. This paper first reviews some earlier and current studies on students' knowledge of the world, mainly conducted in the United States, and then it describes the global education status and similar studies in countries like Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Based on a review of studies in these countries, the paper proposes that contemporary assessments of students' cross-national and global knowledge and attitudes are necessary. The new research must be multinational, assessing what paired nations' school aged populations know about one another's history, geography, politics, economics, and international relations.

Global education, k-12, students, knowledge of the world, cross-cultural understanding


Zhao, Y., Lin, L. and Hoge J.D. (2007). Establishing the need for cross-cultural and global issues research. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 139-150.

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