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Introducing the 'linguistic turn' to history education

Kaya Yilmaz
The University of Georgia, United States


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Research studies aimed at exploring how secondary school students engage in doing history, develop historical reasoning and understanding often times neglected the theoretical frameworks that ahistorians of different orientations use to study the past. As a result of this oversight, some historical concepts are sometimes weakly defined, ambiguously used, or confused with other concepts. In order to contribute to the effort to provide students with rewarding and meaningful experiences in doing history, this article aims to enhance teacher educators' and teachers' understanding of different modes of historical writing by bringing into attention a recent school of historical thought's conceptual framework, methods, principal concepts, ideological positions, and pre-eminent practitioners. It also maps out the key debates, criticisms, and arguments that historians of different historical orientations engaged in.

History education, historiography, historical writing, linguistic turn


Yilmaz, K. (2007). Introducing the 'linguistic turn' to history education. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 270-278.

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