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Education reforms in Indonesia in the twenty-first century

University of Melbourne, Australia


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This article examines the reforms in education that have been occurring in Indonesia following the socio-political change marked by the fall of the Soeharto regime. Democratic citizens are now desired explicitly in the 2003 Education Act. As the decentralisation policy in governance has been implemented, autonomy in education has resulted in several consequent reforms. School Based Management has been chosen as a new paradigm in school management, while the new curriculum focuses on competency-based principles and school-based development. However, obstacles including cultural and economical barriers are assumed potentially to hinder the success of the implementation of reforms, if not carefully and appropriately handled.

Indonesian education; school-based management; competency-based curriculum; education reform; education autonomy


 Raihani (2007). Education reforms in Indonesia in the twenty-first century. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 172-183.

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