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After school arts program serves as real-world teaching lab

Nancy Lampert
Virginia Commonwealth University, United States


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This paper describes how an after school elementary arts program served as a teaching lab for undergraduate pre-service teachers. The program was designed and implemented by an art education faculty member as an undergraduate service-learning course and research investigation on the outcomes of an inquiry-based K-12 art curriculum. It also became a setting in which the author was able to serve as an instructional role model for her undergraduate pre-service education students. In the community-based teaching lab, the author was able to bring to life her own teaching philosophy and pedagogical approach in the presence of her students. The setting presented, as well, an opportunity for professor and students to collaborate on the creation and implementation of a classroom management system, enabling the undergraduates to build confidence in managing and leading a class.

Teacher education, service-learning, classroom management, inquiry, critical thinking


 Lampert, N. (2007). After school arts program serves as real-world teaching lab. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 265-269.

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