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Self-regulated learning and academic achievement in Malaysian undergraduates

Azlina Mohd Kosnin
Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


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This study is an investigation of the ability of self-regulated learning (SRL) as measured by the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaires (MSLQ) to predict academic achievement among undergraduates in Malaysia. A total of 460 second-year engineering undergraduates from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia participated in the study. Academic achievement was measured by the students' grade point average. The results show that the MSLQ is a reliable tool and SRL is a significant predictor of Malaysian undergraduates' academic achievement. Significant relationships between SRL and academic achievement were found, nevertheless differences in the composition of significant predictor sub-scales are also found between achievement groups.

Self-regulated learning, academic achievement, higher education,
metacognitive learning strategies, Malaysia


Kosnin, A.M. (2007). Self-regulated learning and academic achievement in Malaysian undergraduates. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 221-228.

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