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Teacher turnover in Malawi's Ministry of Education: Realities and challenges

Happy Kayuni
University of Malawi, Chancellor College

Richard Tambulasi
University of Malawi, Chancellor College


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The teaching profession is no longer a concern of academicians but the public in general who yearn for positive results. Internationally, the profession is continuously beset by several serious problems. One of the most serious problems in the teaching profession is teacher turnover. Governments are finding it difficult to retain teachers in schools. In Malawi, this problem is profound and overwhelming, even by Sub-Saharan standards. The paper heavily relies on secondary data derived from general trends and observations of several research findings as well as government publications, newspapers and several academic papers. The paper argues that main cause of this problem in Malawi can be attributed to general poor working conditions. The paper further argues that retention measures derived by the Malawi government may take time to bear fruits and it is unlikely that they can seriously affect teachers positively because they do not address the basic immediate needs of the teachers.

Teacher turnover, motivation, stress, Malawi, recruitment


Kayuni, H. and Tambulasi, R. (2007). Teacher turnover in Malawi's Ministry of Education: Realities and challenges. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 89-99.

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