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Internationalisation of higher education in Hong Kong

Wai-kei Pretor Fok
School of Education, University of Durham, United Kingdom


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With a view that internationalisation is an interactive response to globalisation, this paper examines the internationalising activities in the higher education sector, and in particular, the Hong Kong higher education sector. Four main areas are covered: (a) internationalising staff and students, (b) building an international network, (c) internationalising the curriculum, and (d) entering the Mainland market. The article compares the Hong Kong's response to the threat of globalisation with that of the other places and concludes that the nature of competitiveness is being particularly highlighted in its internationalisation of higher education. Its response is in resonance to the city's culture, which stresses market competition and survival of the fittest, and can be seen as being manipulated by the government and business sector in maintaining their dominance and power.

Globalisation, internationalisation, international education, higher education, Hong Kong


 Pretor Fok, W. (2007). Internationalisation of higher education in Hong Kong. International Education Journal, 8 (1), 184-193.

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