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The heart of the new SACE

J. A. Gibbons
Flinders University Institute of International Education


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The SACE Review proposes that a set of knowledge, skills and dispositions called capabilities should form the core of the new SACE. As the Review emphasises, there must be widespread, systematic research and discussion on the range and nature of the capabilities. The SACE Review suggests five capabilities as a basis for discussion. This paper is offered as a contribution to that discussion through an analysis of the knowledge, skills and dispositions to which the Review refers. The paper identifies and analyses a presupposition of all the capabilities, the capacity to reflect, and argues the importance of the development of that capacity for the developing human being.

Capabilities, knowledge, dispositions, reflection, hard core


Gibbons, J.A. (2006). The heart of the new SACE. International Education Journal, 7 (6), 849-863.

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