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Insisting on equity: A redistribution approach to education

Lee E. Nordstrum 


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Emphasis on educational efficiency, or accountability, with all its claims towards institutional improvement, has left the question of educational equity unanswered. Contemporary policy, particularly in Western nations, focuses largely on raising aggregate test scores while the greater society sees a steady increase in economic inequality. It is the purpose of this article to trace the current increase in inequality through income and wealth distributions, and argue that educational equity should also be a priority for all nations. Part one of this article gives both quantitative and qualitative examples of growing economic inequalities, and posits reasons why this is detrimental to human society. Part two provides evidence that an equitable redistribution approach to education may serve as part of an answer to these problems. Part three addresses counterarguments to these assertions, and describes how education alone cannot solve the question of equity. 

Educational equity, funding, wealth and income inequality, economics, redistribution


Nordstrum, L.E. (2006). Insisting on equity: A redistribution approach to education. International Education Journal, 7 (5), 721-730.

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