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Successful pedagogies for an Australian multicultural classroom

Carlene Winch-Dummett 
Flinders Unviersity, School of Education



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A study undertaken in two primary schools and a pre-school in a multicultural urban area of NSW identified five pedagogical topics that incorporated successful teaching practices and processes that accord with the Delors Report recommendations. The report recommended that education for the future should be organised around the four pillars of learning, namely, learning to be, learning to do, learning to know and learning to live together. The five identified topics were: lesson organisation, lesson outcomes, teacher communication, teaching strategies, and cultural inclusion. 

In order to address the needs of students, the five topics have been grouped into two student-focused themes: (a) the learning environment and (b) teacher-student communication. These themes are discussed from a theoretical perspective and illustrated with examples derived from research. 

Cultural inclusion, pedagogies, Delors Report, learning environment, teacher-student communication, lesson organisation, multicultural classroom


Winch-Dummett, C. (2006). Successful pedagogies for an Australian multicultural classroom. International Education Journal, 7 (5), 778-789.

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