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Private education as a policy tool in Turkey 

Mustafa Cinoglu 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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This paper discusses privatisation as policy tool to solve educational problems in Turkey. Turkey, as a developing country, is faced with many problems in education. Large class size, low enrolment rate, girl's education, high illiteracy rate, religious education, textbooks, curriculum and multicultural education are some of the important problems. On the other hand, cultural diversity, economical problems and lack of resources, migration, central management, the rapid growth in school-age population and regional differences make the solution difficult. In principle, privatisation could help in the solution of the problems in Turkey. Private schools can increase the quality of education. Private schools can share responsibility with the government by investing money in education. In addition, private schools can also meet the needs for diversity in society promoting specific religious or philosophical views by using their own teaching methods. The paper describes the availability of private schooling in Ankara as a baseline for thinking about the development of private schooling in Turkey. 

Turkey, Ankara, privatisation, policy analysis, private schools


Cinoglu, M. (2006). Private education as a policy tool in Turkey. International Education Journal, 7 (5), 676-687.

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