International Education Journal

Educational Research Conference 2005 Special Issue


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Towards the making of education policy in Kenya: Conclusions and implications

Truphena Oduol 
School of Education, Flinders University


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This paper uses the SACMEQ II data to carry out an analysis of classroom context factors that accounted for student scores in reading and mathematics as well as a review of methods used to derive policies in Kenya in order to emphasise the need for evidence-based research for the derivation of policies for the leadership and management of primary education in Kenya. The paper goes further to explain the advantages of the approach as well as some of the impediments. Some suggestions of measures needed to foster the approach are provided. It emphasises that this approach is a necessary ingredient for effectiveness and efficiency in education.

Evidence-based research, policy-making, management of education, school effectiveness, Kenya


Oduol, T. (2006) Towards the making of education policy in Kenya: Conclusions and implications. International Education Journal, 7 (4), 466-479.

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