International Education Journal

Educational Research Conference 2005 Special Issue


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Some rural examples of place-based education

Pamela Bartholomaeus 
School of Education, Flinders University, Australia


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There are important issues for rural communities in Australia in relation to the provision of education for their young people (HREOC, 2000). This is particularly so in an era when successful completion of education is becoming increasingly vital as the pressures of a globalised economy mean that many rural and farming businesses are struggling to prosper. The term 'place-based education' is used by educators and researchers who have a focus on the well-being and effective learning of students. This paper explores what is meant by 'place-based education' and how this concept of education is being implemented in some rural schools in Australia, although usually without using this term. A review of literature about effective literacy learning demonstrates why teaching that is place-based is important for rural students. What the implementation of place-based education might look like in rural schools is also explored. 

Place-based education, pedagogy, rural education, rural schools, rural community


Bartholomaeus, P. (2006) Some rural examples of place-based education. International Education Journal, 7 (4), 480-489.

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