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The study of sociology in Turkish higher education

Aytül Kasapoglu 
Department of Sociology, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey


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This paper was edited by Dr B.M. Matthews to conform to the style of the International Education Journal


This paper seeks to reveal the differences among seven departments of sociology in Turkish universities based on studies carried out since 1985 by sociologists working in these departments. Since sociology and sociological education started in 1914, there have been many evaluations of sociology in Turkey. The present study differs from others in its evaluation methods.The basic assumption of this study was that none of the sociological studies could be carried out within the confines of only one sociological subfield such as economic or educational sociology. Based on this assumption, a six- point evaluation tool known as a composite index was used in each study. After collecting publications, a group of sociologists held comprehensive discussions and allocated the proportion of the composition for each sociological subfield represented in each study. The results, based on sociologists' published studies in seven well-established departments in Turkey, showed that there were major differences between departments. Among them was Middle East Technical University (METU), where teaching was in English and many staff members had been educated in England or the United States. The sociology department in that university was the leader in almost every field studied. 

Turkey, sociology, sociology education


 Kasapoglu, A. (2005) The study of sociology in Turkish higher education. International Education Journal, 6 (4), 537-546.

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