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Finding the true incidence rate of plagiarism

Julie Price 
School of Education, University of Southampton, UK 

Robert Price 
Information Systems Services, University of Southampton, UK


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This paper reports on research that explores the use of detection software in the fight against plagiarism. The aim of the research was to determine if the true incidence rate of plagiarism could be found for a cohort of Higher Education students. The paper outlines the problems and issues when attempting this. In addition, this report highlights the views of students when such a service is being used. The findings suggest that the use of such detection services is not without problems and raises the issue that such services may have less value in detection and more value as a learning and teaching tool. 

Plagiarism, detection software, higher education


  Price, J. and Price, R. (2005) Finding the true incidence rate of plagiarism. International Education Journal, 6 (4), 421-429.

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