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Janshala in Jharkhand: An experiment with community involvement in education

Veena K. Pailwar
XLRI, Jamshedpur, India 

Vandana Mahajan
XLRI, Jamshedpur, India


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Education has been identified as one of the primary agents of transformation towards development. However, low level of literacy and education is one of the major challenges facing most of the underdeveloped countries. Active community involvement and participation has emerged as an effective mechanism in improving the sustainable level of education in many of these countries. This paper analyses the crucial aspects of community participation in education and supports its importance by reviewing the basic framework and outcome of Janshala - a Government of India-UN program in Jharkand, India. Though community participation is not a panacea for addressing all barriers, the Janshala experience in Jharkhand and cross country experiences involving community in educational programs indicate that the active involvement of the community has facilitated in identifying community specific education issues and formulating effective strategies to address those barriers by mobilising resources within the community. 

Education, development, community, participation, Janshala, India


 Pailwar, V.K. and Mahajan, V. (2005) Janshala in Jharkhand: An experiment with community involvement in education. International Education Journal, 6 (3), 373-385.

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