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"Mona Lisa Smile": More than a smile

Amani Hamdan 
Faculty of Education at University of Western Ontario, Canada


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Popular culture influences every aspect of our daily lives as we listen to popular music, read the press, and watch television and even go to movies. The images portrayed in popular culture influences our perspectives of people, of places, and of cultures. Mitchell in That's Funny You Don't look like a Teacher (1995), suggested that images of teacher in the media influences the ways in which students and the public conceptualise what is it to be a teacher. Thus, critiquing images of teachers in films such as Mona Lisa Smile is of considerable importance. A critical review of Mona Lisa Smile is a place to open a dialogue about teachers' images in films.


Hamdan, A. (2005) Film Review. "Mona Lisa Smile": More than a smile. International Education Journal, 6 (3), 417-420.

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