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Adaptation of an emotional intelligence scale for Turkish educators

Mehtap Cakan 
Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey

Sadegul Akbaba Altun
 Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey


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This paper was edited by Dr B.M. Matthews to conform to the style of the International Education Journal


Schutte et al.'s (1998) emotional intelligence scale was adapted and administered to 177 Turkish educators. Confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses were performed. In order to confirm the authors' model and findings of previous research, one, two, three, and four factor models were examined. It was decided that the one factor model fitted the data better for the selected sample. In addition, gender, age, and job experience of the participants were also investigated in conjunction with their emotional intelligence scores. However, the emotional intelligence scores did not differ for any of these variables. Male and females scored similarly. Also, it was revealed that emotional intelligence scores of the participants did not differ as their age and job experience increases. 

Emotional intelligence, reliability, modelling, scale adaptation, gender, Turkey


 Cakan, M. and Altun, S.A. (2005) Adaptation of an emotional intelligence scale for Turkish educators. International Education Journal, 6 (3), 367-372.

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