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Basic trends in the development of professional higher education in Armenia

Anna L. Aslanyan 
Yerevan State Economic Institute, Armenia


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This article was extensively edited by Dr B. Matthews, Research Associate, Flinders University Institute of International Education.


The subject of this investigation is the composition and distribution of students of Armenian educational institutions and their partition in the state and private sectors of higher education. The study examines the general rise of educational institutions, particularly private ones, where the average number of students is considerably less than in the state institutions of higher learning. There has also been an increase in the number of students in state-paid and private higher education institutions. This is discussed, together with the fact that 75 per cent of students are involved in the system of paid education in the Republic of Armenia. For that reason, the financing of education is a serious problem for a considerable part of population at the present time. Gender issues that are involved in professional higher education are examined. 

The structure of financing higher education and problems unique to the Republic are also considered. Some measures for the further development of a financing and lending system in higher education are suggested, particularly the creation of an educational lending system that would enable more people to study for degrees in the higher education sector with the assistance of student loans. 

Armenia, professional education, financing, educational loans, structure of institutions, higher education


Aslanyan, A.L. (2005) Basic trends in the development of professional higher education in Armenia. International Education Journal, 6 (3), 335-342.

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