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Work and Learning: The implications for Thai transnational distance learners

Joanna Crossman
Flinders University, School of Education



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The paper describes a qualitative study concerning the experiences of nine Thai transnational distance learners enrolled in doctoral programs in Australian universities while working in higher educational contexts in their own country. Data were collected from participant journals, an open questionnaire and dialogic email communications. The study revealed that the workplace is an important influence upon the nature and quality of the learning experience largely through issues relating to finance, time management and technology or other resources. Learning, in turn, influences the workplace with individuals operating as educational change agents applying their learning about student centred methods to classroom practice. The findings are likely to be of interest to both Australian and Thai educators as postgraduate distance programs continue to be marketed in Thailand. 

Transnational education, Distance education, Thai education, Teacher education, Online learning


 Crossman, J. (2005) Work and Learning: The implications for Thai transnational distance learners. International Education Journal, 6 (1), 18-29.

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