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Developmental Speech Problems and Bilingualism: The Difficulties of Identification

Sotiria Tzivinikou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece,
Psychology and Special Education department of TEPAE

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The developmental speech problems and the speech problems derived from bilingualism could have some similar characteristics but they need different intervention. So, distinguishing between them is essential. The present, multi-method (methodological triangulation), case study aimed to investigate whether it is possible to identify developmental speech problems of an eight-year old Albanian boy who attended a public primary school in Greece. The identification of his speech problems had some specific difficulties, mainly related to the lack of IQ, psycholinguistic and school performance standardised tests for bilingual children.

Bilingualism, identification, developmental speech problems


Tzivinikou, S. (2004) Developmental Speech Problems and Bilingualism: The Difficulties of Identification. International Education Journal, 5 (4), 466-474.

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