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Teaching and Learning: Mapping the Contextual Influences

Cedric Hall 
Victoria University of Wellington 

Joanna Kidman 
Victoria University of Wellington



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This paper outlines a conceptual map that allows new academic staff in universities to see the relationship of teaching and learning within a context wider than their individual specialisations. These wider contexts include the institutional context and its sub-contexts, as well as local, national and international contexts. Examples are given to illustrate how the conceptual map has been applied not only within Victoria University but also in New Zealand schools. The teaching-learning conceptual map is particularly useful in interpreting the different notions of learner-centredness for it recognises the totality of learning activities within an institution. 

teaching, learning, conceptual map, contextual factors, university education, New Zealand


  Hall, C. and Kidman, J. (2004) Teaching and Learning: Mapping the Contextual Influences. International Education Journal, 5 (3), 331-343.

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