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School Culture in a Private Secondary Institution in Mauritius

Shamim Ajaheb-Jahangeer 
J.B. Centre for Distance Learning, University of Mauritius

Abdul Cayum Jahangeer
Department of Education, Mauritius Institute of Education




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This paper presents a case study of the school culture in a secondary school in Mauritius. It analyses how the school culture has an impact on the effectiveness of an educational organisation. The literature on school culture is reviewed and discussed. The education system in the Mauritian context is described; and its advantages and drawbacks highlighted. A case study of a private secondary school, Loreto Convent Port-Louis, is undertaken to illustrate school culture in an educational organisation. The way the school is organised, the goals are set and the outcomes in terms of effectiveness and achievement, are then analysed. 

School culture, organisational effectiveness, educational administration,role, task culture, educational goal


 Ajaheb-Jahangeer, S. and Jahangeer, A.C.  (2004) School Culture in a Private Secondary Institution in Mauritius. International Education Journal, 5 (2), 247-254.

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