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Educational Research Conference 2003 Special Issue


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The Including Studies of Asia in Curriculum Professional Development Program: Who’s doing it and why?

Doug Trevaskis
Flinders University, School of Education




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This paper aims to provide a general overview of the cohort of teachers who undertook a major professional development program Including Studies of Asia in Curriculum in South Australia in 2000. As the program was the principal vehicle for introducing South Australian teachers to Studies of Asia, ensuring its ongoing relevance was critical. The only source of data about the program itself was an earlier national evaluation based on the 1995 deliveries of the primary version in most states and territories. What was needed, therefore, was an up-to-date picture, based specifically on the contexts and needs of South Australian teachers.

Accordingly, participants were invited to complete a ‘Participant Profile’. This study examines participants’ responses, including their motivations in undertaking the program. Based on the responses, the course was able to be adapted for subsequent delivery, and advanced training courses were developed in line with the needs of the target group.

Studies of Asia, professional development, teacher motivation, curriculum in South Australia



  Trevaskis, D. (2004) The 'Including Studies of Asia in Curriculum' Professional Development Program: Who’s doing it and why? International Education Journal, 4 (4), 114-128.

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