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Making Groups Work: University Students' Perceptions

Jane Burdett
Flinders University School of Education



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Group work has many benefits for effective learning while also preparing graduates for future work. However, group work often elicits a mixed reception from participants. This paper explores the perceptions of final year university business students of their formal group work experiences. Information has been gathered through the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, and analysis reveals student experiences, both positive and negative. This paper also examines students' perceptions about the extent to which their experiences enabled them to achieve the university's graduate group work competencies. Finally, it reports students' own suggestions for improving the problems they encountered thus providing strategies for addressing their concerns.

university, groupwork, perceptions, free-riding, education


Burdett, J. (2003) Making Groups Work: University Students' Perceptions. International Education Journal, 4 (3), 177-191.

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