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Factors Influencing High School Student Achievement in Nepal

Bidya Raj Subedi
Florida State University



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This study investigated the effect of resources and class size on student achievement. A sample of 30 high schools and 152 teachers involved in teaching 556 classrooms were selected. Hierarchical linear modelling (HLM) technique was employed for data analysis. A significant effect was found on student classroom achievement due to the availability and use of resources. Class size contributed a negative effect to student's scores. Significant teacher-to-teacher variation in average classroom student achievement was also found. The study also found a significant difference across the teachers in class size slope.

Average classroom student achievement, mean class size effect, mean resource effect, variance component, multilevel research


 Subedi, B.R. (2003) Factors Influencing High School Student Achievement in Nepal. International Education Journal, 4 (2), 98-107.

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