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Critical Thinking and the Use of the Internet as a Resource

Paul G. Paris
Flinders University



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Information on the Internet, such as World Wide Web sites can be written by anyone. Since there is no quality control for information published on the Internet, it becomes our responsibility, as individuals, to judge what is right, wrong, immoral, illegal, biased or totally incorrect. This form of judgement can be taught and learnt. This decision making process is called ëcritical thinkingí. This research study involves 35 students and seeks to investigate what kinds of critical thought processes are engaged when accessing and using information from the Internet. The results indicate that there is a need for learners to be more critical when using information from the Internet; hence educators and learning institutions need to address this matter before extensively using the Internet for learning.

Internet, Critical Thinking, Online, Web



 Paris, P.G. (2003) Critical Thinking and the Use of the Internet as a Resource. International Education Journal, 4 (1), 30-41.

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