International Education Journal

Educational Research Conference 2002 Special Issue


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The Impact of IELTS Scores on Performance at University

Vicki Feast
Dean: Teaching and Learning, Division of Business and Enterprise, University of South Australia



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This paper investigated two key issues. First, the relationship between English language proficiency, as measured by IELTS tests scores, and performance at University, as measured by Grade Point Average (GPA), was investigated using multi-level analysis. A significant and positive relationship was found. Second, the trade-off between raising IELTS entry scores and the consequent loss of international students was investigated at one South Australian university.

Recommendations for raising IELTS scores for undergraduate and postgraduate students were made in the paper although it was recognised that the loss of international students might be considered too large to justify the increase in minimum English proficiency standards on financial grounds. The paper concluded that increased levels of support for international students after entry might be a preferred method of improving the success rates of international students.


Feast, V. (2002) The impact of IELTS scores on performance at university. International Education Journal, 3 (4), 70-85.

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