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International education developments in Singapore

G. Sanderson
Flinders University School of Education



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This paper considers contemporary higher education in Singapore and its relationship to the larger international context. It shows that international education has been established as a result of fundamentally different motives than the current full fee-paying programs found in western countries. It argues that on-shore international education in Singapore is a catalyst to prepare local institutions for the next wave of the nation's economic development, as it is orients itself to be the regional hegemonic player in a 'knowledge economy' driven by a world class tertiary sector. Considerations of history, culture and economic development add substance and depth to the claim that Singapore, by necessity and design, is on the verge of creating a unique 'hub' of international education which will challenge traditional western models that have been so dominant throughout the final years of the last millennium.

Singapore, International Education, Internationalisation, Postcolonial Education


Sanderson, G. (2002) International education developments in Singapore. International Education Journal, 3 (2), 85-103.

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