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Barriers to Hiring Students with Disabilities in the Workforce

Caven S. Mcloughlin
Kent State University


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To determine factors that influence hiring, 120 employers and potential employers of workers with disabilities in NorthEastern Ohio, USA, were interviewed by psychologists to identify the characteristics of individuals with disabilities that influence hiring decisions. Significant differences exist between those employers with and those without experiences in hiring workers with disabilities in their respective assessments of workers' dependability, performance levels, and fellow workers' likely reactions. Employers with and those without experience in hiring workers' with disabilities expressed a strong desire for additional information regarding incentives for hiring and information that might ease their task in employing persons with disabilities. Implications for workforce readiness and transition into independent adulthood supported by employment are discussed.

Employer perceptions, workplace barriers, transition



Mcloughlin, C.S. (2002) Barriers to Hiring Students with Disabilities in the Workforce. International Education Journal, 3 (1), 13-23.

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