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Jade's transformation: A case study of teacher professional development in Taiwan

Bih-jen Fwu
National Taiwan University

Hsiou-huai Wang
National Taiwan University



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This case study explores the process of change in the instructional beliefs and practices of a science teacher participating in a university-elementary school collaborative science learning project in Taiwan. Multiple research methods were employed. Results show five stages of teacher change:
(1) awareness of shortcomings of old strategy;
(2) conviction of need for change and search for help;
(3) powerlessness in chaotic classroom;
(4) establishment of affective teacher-student relationship;
(5) new way of teaching in a newly established order.

Findings are further discussed in the local context: (1) processes of change are different from those of Western patterns; (2) extrinsic (social) and intrinsic motivation can co-exist; (3) collectively-oriented instruction is dominant in class practice; (4) the most satisfying growth for the teacher is to change from the traditionally authoritative figure of Chinese cultural tradition to a teacher who has established an affectionate relationship.

professional development, teacher change, science teacher, cultural analysis, case study


Fwu, B. and Wang, H. (2001) Jade's transformation: A case study of teacher professional development in Taiwan. International Education Journal, 2 (5), 16-26.

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