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The impact of university education on conceptions of learning: A Chinese study

Kam-cheung Wong
University of Hong Kong

Qiufang Wen
University of Nanjing



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The study seeks to understand the conceptions of learning held by Chinese students in Hong Kong and Nanjing, and in particular how these conceptions are affected by students' university education. In defining conceptions of learning, the six categories of learning developed by Marton et al (1993, 1996) were adopted. The findings of the study show that despite similarities, the Chinese learners in Hong Kong and Nanjing were indeed different in their conceptions of learning. The Nanjing University students were not only more homogeneous in their views but were more sophisticated than their counterparts from the University of Hong Kong. This is contrary to the assumption in many empirical cross-cultural studies that Chinese learners from different places are homogeneous. The study also established that university education has some adverse impacts on the conceptions of learning of students, a concern that requires more understanding with additional data and analysis.

conceptions of learning, Chinese learners, cross-cultural studies of learning, university education, Hong Kong, Nanjing



Wong, K. and Wen, Q. (2001) The impact of university education on conceptions of learning: A Chinese study. International Education Journal, 2 (5), 138-147.

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