International Education Journal

Articles from the Educational Research Conference 2001


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Interviews with teachers and learners

Helen Askell-Williams
Flinders University, School of Education



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Over the past few months I have been interviewing teachers and learners about their understandings about teaching and learning. This paper follows from those interviews and begins to discuss what teachers and learners told me. From an individual perspective, interviewees discussed their motivations, ability assessments and strategies for teaching and learning. From a contextual perspective, interviewees spoke about social interactions, the relative ease of learning in practice and the enhanced learning to be gained from combining theory, practice and reflection. In this paper I also discuss comparisons and contrasts between interviewees' understandings and current recommendations for best practice found in extant teaching and learning literature.

Teachers, Learners, Understandings, Interviews, NUD*IST




Askell-Williams, H. (2001) Interviews with teachers and learners. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 294-316.

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