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Web mathematics anyone?

Esther Yook Kin Loong
University of South Australia



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The World Wide Web has had an impact on many areas of teaching and learning. Mathematics teaching however has only recently begun to utilise and develop this educational resource. This paper outlines a research program, which aims to uncover the extent the Internet, in particular the World Wide Web, is being used for High School mathematics education. The program includes searching out discernible Web-based teaching strategies and examining their impact on mathematics teaching and learning attitudes and achievements. Of particular interest is the extent to which deployment of the Web in mathematics teaching might increase student interest in mathematics. The first step in this process is to develop a preliminary typology of mathematical elements on the Web. The nature of these elements, their categorisation and their possible roles in the teaching and learning of mathematics are discussed.

mathematics, World Wide Web, typology, mathematics web sites, exemplars




Loong, E.Y.K. (2001) Web mathematics anyone?. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 216-222.

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