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E-mail discussion and student learning outcomes: A case study

Ruth Geer
University of South Australia

Dr. Alan Barnes
University of South Australia



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E-mail discussion is widely used in university courses and is being increasingly adopted in K-12 education. However making educational value from the massive amounts of e-mail transcripts that can be generated is a problematic task. It is important in an environment of constrained teaching resources that computer driven methods be developed to evaluate effective learning processes. A critical starting point is the relationship between messaging and student learning outcomes. This paper examines student learning outcomes and learning behaviours over three years of an education degree course involving e-mail discussion technology. It documents a clear relationship between the number of messages sent by students through e-mail discussion and the final grade for this course. Normative behavioural patterns that are evident from the transcript data can assist in ongoing educational monitoring.

e-mail, collaborative learning, interactive, Internet, evaluation



Geer, R. and Barnes, A. (2001) E-mail discussion and student learning outcomes: A case study. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 159-165.

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