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Misfits: People and their problems. What might it all mean?

David D Curtis
Flinders University, Centre for Lifelong Learning and Development and School of Education



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In the analysis of data, which arise from the administration of multiple choice tests or survey instruments and which are assumed to conform to a measurement model such as Rasch, it is normal practice to check item fit statistics in order to ensure that the items used in the instrument cohere to form a unidimensional trait measure. However, checking whether individuals also fit the measurement model appears to be less common. It is shown that poor person-fit compromises item parameter estimates and so it is argued that person-fit should be checked routinely in the calibration of instruments and in scoring individuals. Unfortunately, the meanings that can be ascribed to person-fit statistics for attitude instruments is not clear. A proposal for seeking the required clarity is developed.

Item Response Theory, Rasch, person-fit statistics, attitude




Curtis, D.D. (2001)  Misfits: People and their problems. What might it all mean?. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 91-99.

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