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Digital literacies and teachers in the middle years: Concepts and practices

Garth Coulter
Flinders University, School of Education



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This paper gauges teachers' views about the essential computing skills and understandings that students in years 6 - 9 require, and ascertains how these skills are supported and developed in teaching practices. Middle years teachers from five schools, located in country and metropolitan areas, participated in the study by completing four research instruments - online survey, questionnaire, classroom observation and interview. Through triangulation, the study seeks to establish the digital literacy competency levels of teachers. A key finding is that except for one area (word processing), digital literacy skills, as rated by the teachers themselves, fall in the two lowest competency bands of four competency levels. The findings from this research provide a foundation for professional development programmes and curricular objectives for teachers in the middle school.

Digital Literacies, Teachers, Competencies, ICT, Professional Development




Coulter, G. (2001) Digital literacies and teachers in the middle years: Concepts and practices. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 84-90.

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